Solitude in the City; Moudy Gallery

The Art Galleries at TCU present Solitude in the City, a selection works on paper from the TCU Permanent Art Collection.  Solitude in the City will be on-view from January 17 to February 7, 2019, with an opening reception on Thursday, January 17th from 5-7 pm and an Exhibition Tour on Thursday, January 24th at 5:30 pm.  This exhibition is curated by TCU MA Art History students Emily Dorward, Jennifer Earthman, Elizabeth Theban, and Jennifer Yuhas.

“Solitude in the City” presents a selection of twenty prints from TCU’s Permanent Art Collection that explore the shared human experience of feeling alone or isolated within the crowded urban landscape. The commonality of this experience is evident in the cross-cultural nature of this exhibition covering the span of the twentieth century, which includes American Photorealist works, Japanese woodblock prints, and architectural etchings from Italy and France.

Artists featured in “Solitude in the City” include John Baeder, Charles Bell, Arne Besser, Thomas Blackwell, Carman Bonanno, Hilo Chen, Paul Geissler, Anthony Gross, Okie Hashimoto, Isamu Hayakawa, Elizabeth Keith, Ron Kleemann, Beatrice S. Levy, Noel Mahaffey, Tokuriki Tomikichiro and C.J. Yao.

While solitude can be isolating or transforming to those who experience it, it is often associated with a negative experience. However, solitude can promote both rejuvenation and isolation. The works featured in this exhibition suggest an attempt by artists to come to terms with ideas of interconnectedness and detachment as a consequence of modernity in the twentieth century.

A guided tour of the exhibition will be led by the curators on Thursday, January 24th at 5:30 pm. The tour will include an overview of the works and showcase of materials and processes related to works on paper.


Gallery: Moudy Gallery
Exhibition: Solitude in the City
Exhibition Dates: January 17 – February 7, 2019
Opening Reception: Thursday, January 17th, 5-7pm
Exhibition Tour: Thursday, January 24th, 5:30-7pm
Regular Hours: Monday – Friday from 11am – 4pm, Saturday from 1 – 4pm
Visitor Admission: Free
Contact: , 817-257-2588

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