FWADA is a unique arts organization in a unique American place. Few cities of Fort Worth’s size are privileged to command such a wealth of major art museums, and fewer still have such a vital community spirit. What truly sets Fort Worth apart, however, is the vigorous, longstanding, clearly defined cooperation between the museums, the university art galleries, the non-profit exhibition spaces, and the art dealers, all of which are full working members of FWADA.

To fulfill its stated mission to stimulate interest in the visual arts through educational programs, art scholarships, and art competitions, FWADA organizes, funds, and hosts exhibitions of noteworthy art.

FWADA sponsors the annual Fall Gallery Night and Spring Gallery Night for members and friends. FWADA also sponsors an annual show featuring submitted artworks from Member institutions, the summer Selections exhibition. Keep an eye out for our Gallery Guide! You can find our most recent issue in your FW Weekly newspaper, or pick one up at a Member gallery or museum.

All these attainments have created a stable environment that produces a steady stream of top-notch talent, including major local artists who exhibit their work nationally and internationally. Newcomers are frequently dazzled by the quality of work being created in every medium and style. Their passion reinvigorates Fort Worth patrons who have become habituated to the riches that surround them, reminding them anew that the most authentic cultural connection they can make is the one that affords direct communication with the artists who interpret and illuminate the life experience they share through common background and interests. Although the city is justly recognized for its cosmopolitan worldview, it is the local artists and their devoted collectors who are the lifeblood of the Fort Worth art market.

The members of the Fort Worth Art Dealers Association are pledged to the maintenance of a high standard of ethical conduct and professional integrity; these businesses furnish a model that gallery associations in other cities might do well to emulate. FWADA is to be commended for its important role as a contributor to the cultural and aesthetic richness of Fort Worth.