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Moudy Gallery
Exhibition: Solitude in the CityNMahaffey_NightTimesSquare_1981_online-Moudy-200x163
Featured Artists: John Baeder, Charles Bell, Arne Besser, Thomas Blackwell, Carman Bonanno, Hilo Chen, Paul Geissler, Anthony Gross, Okie Hashimoto, Isamu Hayakawa, Elizabeth Keith, Ron Kleemann, Beatrice S. Levy, Noel Mahaffey, Tokuriki Tomikichiro and C.J. Yao.
Date: January 17–February 7, 2019
Exhibition Tour: Thursday, January 24, 5:30–7 pm
Hours: Monday–Friday, 11 am–4 pm; Saturday, 1–4 pm
Visitor Admission: Free
Contact: , 817.257.2588